Thursday, June 14, 2012

Next Hurdle: Adult Silver Moves In The Field

After passing my Adult Bronze MIF test on Tuesday I headed to the rink today ready to work on my program for the competition I entered in July.

But before I left the house today I got an email from them stating I was the only competitor in my event (Adult Bronze Free Skate) and I have 3 choices:

  1. Get a refund (The sensible choice)
  2. Skate as the only competitor (basically it becomes an exhibition)
  3. Skate "up" or skate "down" to a level where there is another competitor as allowed by USFSA.  (I am already skating "up" from my standing as a Pre-Bronze to the Bronze level... so skating up isn't an option.  Skating down I am sure there are no other competitors either)
When I got to the rink today one of the kids hockey coaches was out on the ice with her figure skates on.  You can see her doing doubles in the background.  Right away I was intimidated and decided instead of getting frustrated working on my program I would attempt to video my first day of practice on Silver Moves.

I have to decide by June 16 whether to bag the competition or not.  We'll see if I talk myself out of it or not. 

And later that day......  I had my blades sharpened.  My skate guard fell off a few days ago and I got a nick on them + it was time for a sharpening and to add another screw.
The 2 screws at the top of my toe are still out.  The boot and blade have not conformed to each other yet.  I wonder if they ever will.


  1. I honestly would do the exhibition. You have remarked that you are a little nervous about skating the program- you won't be competing but you will still have the pressure to do the best you can do for yourself and your coach, and possibly the audience (our adult events are always at like 9 pm, so the audience has left!)

    I don't ever have all the screw holes filled in my blades. That way there is still fresh leather to screw in new blades when I change them. As an adult, I wear down blades way faster than I wear down boots. I just don't jump enough.

  2. I think he still left 3 holes in each. The two at the top are unusual ... I probably don't jump enough to get them molded!

  3. If it were me, I'd also skate the program. Its good practice and you get the whole rink to yourself. :)

    So you don't have to pass the levels simultaneously? Free skate and MITF? You can be Pre-Bronze Free Skate but Silver MITF, is that right? I'm scheduled to test for Pre-Bronze Free and MITF in August.

  4. I guess I will give it a go... so much to do in less than 1 month.... like be able to complete it without stopping... a backspin and a waltz toe ... without balking on the toe loop!

  5. I just watched your silver MITF before you had coaching. They look really good. Many adults do not achieve that level of performance even w months of coaching. You are motivating me to get back on the ice and back in shape.



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