Friday, January 31, 2014

Let The Drama Begin ….

Started choreography today on my Bronze Dramatic Program … Oh how I wish I could pick up the steps faster …   some is memory, some is not being able to execute the footwork she lays out for me.  I have learned to never say never when I begin a new program…..

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Light Entertainment … Nearly Done

I shoveled snow out of my driveway tonight and braved the icy roads to skate for 45 minutes on a freestyle session.  The snow kept me home most of the day - plus I was rewriting my program on paper so I could actually read it and make sense of it.

Despite too many learn to skate people on the ice, I managed to nearly pull off a full program.  Mind you the whole thing will look a lot better with my sassy Pan Am style dress and pillbox hat and when I can more fluidly execute the entire program.  I'm pretty happy about it.  It flows and I have the speed I had hoped for skating.

Tomorrow I meet with the choreographer to start my dramatic program.  We have been delayed by one thing or another and tomorrow we have an hour to work on it.

The following was the rest of my odds and ends practice:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2-Fer Tuesday

2 lessons today back to back.  1st lesson: Freestyle with Berkley.  We had a "discussion" about my doing a Layback spin in my free skate program.  I wanted it out, but she convinced me to keep it in even though it is not laying back that far.  She is SO PERSUASIVE!  In addition we made some changes to the middle of the program and I am having trouble remembering the step sequence - That always burns up a lot of time in my lesson.

2nd lesson was with Noreen to work on the choreography of my light entertainment program.  It's 90% done now, with some added changes and footwork today.  Let me say … done on paper.  Every time I start to run the program I forget the steps and have to go back to the wall and consult my notes!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Practice

Normally I take the weekends off.  Now that I have deadlines and major goals to accomplish I have to get in as much ice time as possible.  My friend Heather was there which made it nice.  She will be competing in March as well in the Adult Bronze II category.

No major accomplishments today, but I think I have realized that I am going to forego any thought of putting a Layback spin into my technical program.  I don't care what it's worth.  My back is really sore from trying and I think I will tell my coach today to change it to an attitude spin.  I would rather do a good attitude spin than a bad layback.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Short Ice ..

Skated at EWU today and when I got there they blocked off 1/3 of the rink for classes.. Imagine that.  A college rink actually using the rink for skating classes.. the nerve!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lesson Learned ….

….  Skiing + Margaritas  = Splat

Had a blast skiing yesterday, but got a little loose and found myself flying down a steep run on my chest with my ski blades behind me.  It felt like slow motion death … but I didn't really get hurt!
Just twisted my non-landing knee a little.  At my age there is always some cartilage fragment floating around .. so  I just took some Advil today and tried to skate through it.

As for my skating today……

Had a lesson and worked on some footwork I was having trouble getting with my choreographer.  After the lesson, I worked on my Layback Spin.  It's awful right now … not even a good Attitude Spin yet … I need to do some barre work to get this one down and then on the ice .. I need to push my hips forward more and arch back more - while holding my leg behind me. …. More Advil please.

Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Practice ...

Friday is usually the end of my skating week.  There aren't too many choices of ice over the weekend that don't have a lot of people on them.  Getting ready for competition means bucking up and skating whenever and wherever you can.  I took Thursday off this week and it seemed to help me gather my energy and motivation a little.

Today I skated at EWU.  I used to hate this rink due to it's size and light .. (it's really bright white) - the ice is a bit softer and I never really enjoyed skating there.  Recently I have formed a new opinion …
I love NOT being cold.  I have no idea yet what awaits me in Ontario California or Hyannis Massachusetts, but a little extra practice on unfamiliar ice can only help.

Before I fired up the camera I warmed up on the ice doing all my Silver moves in the field - I am still struggling with the 3 turns BO to FI and BI to FO.

Footage today is a bit long.  I ran through all my jumps and then worked on 2 of my 3 programs.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Come Fly With Me …

…. Well, how about a short taxi down the runway ????   This program has a ways to go before it's complete and polished… but you get the general idea.

I have been working on the choreography with a coach, but today I made a few changes to lighten my mental and physical load.  I wonder how that will FLY with her.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All Lessons and No Practice ..

I'm in a pickle.  I need the lessons to get ready for competitions, but I need practice time to work on what I learn in my lessons.  My primary skating coach is working with me on turning my "test" quality program into a "competition" quality program.  She wants me to change two spins and add a few jumps and jump combinations for maximum scoring potential.  I cannot argue.  I would like to up my game, but at the same time I do not want to be so unconfident of all the new elements that I cannot skate a clean program and enjoy these two big competitions.

I spent the evening watching Eat, Love, Pray … a mega "chick flick" about overcoming self imposed obstacles, finding oneself and taking a chance on something really worthwhile.  Somehow I walked away from the movie a little inspired to try to EAT up all the instruction I can for the next 2 months, try to LOVE going to practice each day and remember why I am doing this … I love skating… and PRAY to the figure skating guru and my angel of healthy bones and joints … that I can get through it with a smile on my face and no regrets.

Maybe tomorrow I will watch Scarface and think differently!

Lesson today with Berkley.  Used the phone for listening to my program music so I didn't video our lesson - blocking the changes in my program.  After the lesson I did a quick run through of what I could remember on camera.

Taking the rest of the week off from lessons … for some much needed meditation on ice ….

Friday, January 10, 2014

Choreography Lesson

Trying to squeeze in as many sessions with my choreographer as possible.  When you see the video .. you will know why.

I am so slow to pick up on the steps.  She says I am not and that this is a normal pace, but I feel like I am not catching on very quickly.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Lessons Today

What was I thinking?  I skated my normal lesson time today 11:00 am.  Just before the public session.  We had a good MIF lesson and it's all on video … at the end I ran my program 1 time and tried to put the Lutz in there.  You be the judge … Lutz or Flutz?

Most of the MIF lesson is uncut .. so it's a BORE …  except to the skater.

We slapped new music on my program.  You can hear it early on in the MIF practice.  But it got a little more drama in it.

After public skating I took a break and left the rink.  Came back, had lunch at the rink (1st time ever) and then had my lesson with the choreographer for my Lite Entertainment program.  I did not capture this because we were on a FS session an the camera would have never survived.   Seriously, it's a wonder these kids can progress with so many skaters on the ice.  1/2 the jump or spin attempts you do are thwarted because you need to stop and get out of someones way.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Program Component Change

Had a lesson today.  Went straight to the harness after my coach asked me, "How is your Lutz today?"
…. "You mean my 1/2 Lutz" … nuff said.

Even the harness felt scary to me today, but on my 3rd or 4th try she said it was all me and proceeded to remove the harness and instructed me to go do one off the harness.

Much to my surprise I landed it.  We inspected the take off edge and it went from back outside to back inside but right at the take off point it was on a flat … good enough!  I know once I get the fear factor out of me I will start landing them regularly.

After 2 more off harness she said "let's step it up"  now do a Lutz, Waltz, Loop combination.  I laughed at her at the very notion, but she said "don't think about it too long..just go do it" - The first try put me too far into the wall, so there was an extra step or two … before the Waltz Loop, 2nd time I landed all 3!

This is what is known as a really good day on the ice.  After that she started me on learning a flying camel spin. What????  Really.  It's all baby steps at first, but I'm on the way.

Now for the bad news… video stopped before my lesson started.  Boo hoo.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Uneasy Saturday Practice

For some reason I never skate well at this rink.  The ice is always has a different feel to it.  Today it felt really dry and slippery.  Like I couldn't get an edge.  I began doing some Forward Cross Strokes from the Silver Moves and I was skidding.

Of course I did not do any off ice warm up or stretching and it was very cold inside.  This is the worst thing for me.  I know this, but continually do it.

My new years resolutions will begin the Monday - after New Years!

Nothing was really working for me today so I only took a few minutes of video doing some Loops and Camel Spins.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Practice and Lesson on CLUB ICE !!

My first skate of 2014 was on club ice at 8:45 am!!  I am usually on my first cup of coffee at that hour. Hmm maybe a good New Years resolution?

My coach is so cute, she gathered 4-5 young skaters who simultaneously called my name out …. and I skated over and they all gave me a group hug.  she knows how much I hate skating on Free Style sessions.

I loved them as a child because I felt special just being there on the ice with other kids working hard on the same things and I loved watching the better skaters for motivation.  It is actually a controlled chaos.  There is ettiquette involved in skating on club ice.  Everyone skates in every direction, but everyone should be looking out for others before launching into a jump or spin.

I tend to jump where ever it feels right to me.  My coach advised me to start jumping in a more consistent manner.  If I try a jump and want a do-over .. I usually just pop off another without much preparation.  99% of the time the second jump won't be better .. or even as good as the first.  She says using more ice to prepare for each jump will help build my stamina and basically give everyone a heads up that I am going to execute a jump somewhere and they will, in turn clear out of the way.  Surprisingly they did, most of the time.  There are always the little tiny ones who don't see you coming.. hence the need for peripheral vision.

Coach wants me doing my Toe Loops and Flips down the long axis of the ice, doing my Loops on the short axis of the ice and doing Lutzes  in the "Lutz Corners" on the diagonal axis.  Not sure what she told me about Waltz Jumps or Axels … (not that I am doing Axels) The Lutz corner is always the right corner as you face the end of the rink….. exception??????  Of course.  Watch out for the skaters who jump and spin clockwise … the 5% or so who skate the other way.  If ever you need peripheal vision, it's on a freestyle session.

Video #1  High Speed Fun

Video #2 My practice and lesson broken into segments

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year !! Big Plans



Hyannis Youth and Community Center

141 Basset Lane, Hyannis, Massachusetts

Hosted by Yarmouth Ice Club

April 8-12, 2014


A tentative schedule is listed below.
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Practice Ice – HYCC
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Adult Bronze Ladies Free Skate
Adult Bronze Men Free Skate
Adult Silver Ladies Free Skate
Adult Silver Men Free Skate
Adult Bronze Dance Initial Round
Adult Silver Dance Initial Round
Masters Dramatic Entertainment
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Adult Gold Ladies Free Skate
Adult Gold Men Free Skate
Adult Bronze Dance Final Round
Adult Silver Dance Final Round
Adult Bronze Solo Dance
Adult Pre-Silver Solo Dance
Adult Silver Solo Dance
Adult Pre-Gold Solo Dance
Adult Gold Solo Dance
Adult Pre-Gold Dance Pattern Dance
Centennial Dance Initial Round
Centennial Pairs
Friday, April 11, 2014
Final rounds Adult Bronze / Adult Silver FS Events (if necessary)
Masters Intermediate Ladies Free Skate
Masters Intermediate Men Free Skate
Masters Novice Ladies Free Skate
Masters Novice Men Free Skate
Masters Junior Ladies Free Skate
Masters Junior Men Free Skate
Masters Senior Ladies Free Skate
Masters Senior Men Free Skate
Adult Pre-Bronze Dance Initial Round
Adult Pre-Silver Dance Initial Round
Masters Open Dance Pattern Dance
Centennial Dance Final Round
Adult Gold Dance Pattern Dance
Championship Adult Dance Pattern Dance
Adult Bronze Pairs
Adult Silver Pairs
Adult Gold Pairs
Masters Pairs
Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment
Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment
Adult Gold Dramatic Entertainment
Saturday, April 12, 2014
Championship Adult Gold Ladies Free Skate
Championship Adult Gold Men Free Skate
Championship Masters Intermediate–Novice Ladies Free Skate
Championship Masters Intermediate–Novice Men Free Skate
Championship Masters Junior–Senior Ladies Free Skate
Championship Masters Junior–Senior Men Free Skate
Championship Adult Dance Free Dance
Championship Adult Pairs
Adult Pre-Bronze Dance Final Round
Adult Pre-Silver Dance Final Round
Adult Pre-Gold Dance Free Dance
Adult Gold Dance Free Dance
Masters Open Dance Free Dance
Adult Bronze Light Entertainment
Adult Silver Light Entertainment
Adult Gold Light Entertainment
Masters Light Entertainment

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