Someone actually took my picture while I was skating ... and it wasn't my husband!

Fun in the stands

Arriving at the rink for my first Adult Nationals

I was the first one on the ice (in sneakers) on Monday!

Taking down the hockey nets for our TOSSIES

At the JFK Memorial Museum in Hyannis.  I guess Joe Kennedy was into skating and had a rink in Hyannis where the Hyannis Youth and Community Center rinks now are

Things are getting REAL now

Great "tossie" from Vickie Bush ... I used it so much it finally broke!

Really proud of this ... 1st place, Adult Bronze Free Skate 2014

Dramatic Skate podium 2nd place for me

Light Entertainment podium ... another 1st place!!!

Seriously I can't believe this happened.
Proud to have earned these, 2 gold 1 slier at my first Adult Nationals

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