Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Camel Spin Lesson

My last post was the last time I skated.  I took a road trip to California and brought my skates along hoping to skate at 2-3 rinks along my route, but it never happened.  It just wasn't in the cards.  What was in the cards?  The stomach flu.  Need I say more?

Finally back on the ice today and had a good lesson.  We worked on spins today.  Camel Spin, Camel-Sit Spin, Back Spin and a few unexpected Loop jumps including a Loop-Loop attempt.

I also got connected with a choreographer Noreen Chloessy-Olson who will be choreographing both my dramatic/artistic and my light entertainment program for nationals.

I also expanded my weekly lessons to 45 minutes to include a 15 minute Moves In The Field lesson every Tuesday.  I think it's official.  I am in training!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'd Skate A Mile ... For A Camel

I'm sure I will be skating several miles before the Camel appears!

I had a short harness lesson today without much of a warm up.  I took a fall taking some things to the dumps the other day and fell on my back.  I am sore, but not seriously hurt, but it really showed today in my skating in some instances.  The harness kind of hurt.

I set up the video and thought it was running, but it wasn't so all I captured was my practice after my lesson.  Coach Berkley wants me to work on all my jumps and start working on my Camel Spin and get a Camel - Sit Spin combo for my competition program .. she says I will need it to be competitive.

... I will need a lot more than a Camel - Sit combo!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harness Lesson

It happened.  Something I NEVER thought I would do in my life.  Jump practice in a harness.
I was so nervous about it.  My coach assured me there are heavier skaters than me who have been strapped into it.  Once I saw how it worked I felt better (despite the rusty pulley above my head!)

We did Waltz Jumps, Toe Loops, Flips and tried a few Lutz Jumps.  That was the hardest to do in the harness for some reason.  I never had a really good one.

I set up my camera for my practice and forgot it was down at the other end of the rink, so when I zoom in, it will be fuzzy.

Oh by the way.... it's a blast being in the harness.  Once you have the confidence and you know that no matter what you coach is going to either keep you from falling .. or keep you from falling hard ..
You can just  attack your jumps and you can also think about other things while you are jumping.

I don't mean day dreaming of course... my issue today was that my free leg was not crossed over my jumping leg ..  in a jump position.  I would pop out which of course slows that rotation and sabotages your landing.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jumps On And Off The Ice

Warming up has never been my strong suit.  My daily routine includes soaking my bones in a hot tub  to warm my muscles followed by a 30 minute car ride to the rink where I usually go into the cold rink, put my skates on, lace up and start skating.  After a 5 minute on ice warm up, I go to the wall and stretch.

Here is what I should be doing:

Warm Up Exercises

Today, in trying to get with the program, I did a few minutes of off ice jumping to warm up.  I really need to discipline myself to arrive earlier and allow ample time for a proper warm up every day before I skate and also follow up with a proper cool down.  I'm pretty sure it will improve all aspects of my skating and well being.

Part 1 of my practice today was off ice
Part 2 of my practice was on ice working on ALL the jumps.  (- Axel of course)
Part 3 of my practice was working on Silver MIF

Next Week TEST (trial)

 Last lesson this week before we try and lay this down in virtual test style.  We'll video and do full runs and see where we are at next...