Thursday, May 30, 2024

But Wait .. There’s More

 Able to squeeze in a few more lessons.  Thought I might have been done for the summer, but some of our plans have changed.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Season 12 (of Adult Skating) Finale Parts 1 & 2

I’ve been really falling apart on the ice the past few weeks.  After my big disappointment of not passing my American Waltz dance test ~ I  feel like I have kind of succumbed to a sense of failure.  My ongoing knee issues, blades issues and some busy off ice schedules have contributed, but I have only myself to blame.  There are lots of adult skaters older than I with more ailments who are “getting it done”.  

Maybe it’s time for a break and a reality check.. and maybe some new blades.  I’m also really missing freestyle and I just can’t do a darn thing on dance blades.  I’m going to dwell on this over the summer and find a solution.

Meanwhile these are my final lessons with both Naomi Lang and Vitali Vakunov for the season.

I may get a few scattered lessons over the summer when I am in town but we plan to be up in the mountains most of the time ~  enjoying life ~ off the ice.

~ Stay tuned.  Or change the channel.  💕 

Edge lesson with Naomi

Silver Dance lesson with Vitali

Thursday, May 9, 2024


 I didn’t skate at all since last Thursday so I guess I get what I deserve in the lack of progress department.  I am just so frustrated over not turning  a corner on these dances.

Thursday, May 2, 2024


This is me with my tail between my legs.  Starting over on the American Waltz after failing my virtual test a couple weeks ago.  Coach Vitali isn’t happy about it but I get it now.  That three turn is what is the signature of this dance and while we keep the pattern in control my steps are clearly not AW Three Turns.

Wide stepping is the #1 problem for skaters who dance with freestyle backgrounds and for adult skaters to overcome.  Wide stepping is akin to  “training wheels”.  Going for the balance point but having the security there in case you miss.  The solution is to build stronger edges and I need to practice both alone and with coach Vitali getting my feet back together after every step.

Last (regular) Dance (lesson) for the summer

Ok .. this is IT.  I’m off to the land of no ice rink for a month or so.  I’ll be back home a few times over the summer but won’t be able to...