Wednesday, April 6, 2022

New Boots - New Blades. The (Long) Wait is Over

Yes .. they took FOREVER to get made.  Almost a year.  

New Harlick Custom Boots    *Features (why)

* Low cut dance stay (allows better toe pointing for ice dancing)

* Higher heel (no idea .. but taller always sounds good to me!)

* Extra scallop for ankle flexibility (self explanatory)

* Comfy soft white pebble calf (self explanatory .. also this is my LAST pair of boots)

* Natural sole with chem glaze (I did not like the carbon graphite hard soles of my last pair)

New MK Dance Blades 

* Shorter length blade (short tail for close steps and no more “click of death”)

* Toe pick designed for ice dancing not jumping (top pick very small - no reaching back for a toe jump) (bottom pick - I have no idea, but it’s harder to spin so far)

So after my first session on these pretty skates I think I will love them once I get used to balancing a spin and get more secure on my edges.  Zero foot pain.  First pair of boots that didn’t draw a little ankle blood on break in.   I feel like they will improve my three turns and twizzles.  I did do a nearly complete set of inside and outside edges of compulsory figures as well as double three turns on figure patterns.  And I ran most of the Gold Moves in the Field (slowly) so I think I will be able to skate both dance and moves in the field with them.

I get too tired to skate more than one session normally, but this summer I may try skating multiple sessions in a row and changing my skates in between to get some regular Patch, Dance, Moves & Freestyle into each day I skate.  Sounds like a diet that won’t succeed!

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