Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Misc Dance Practice Solo

 After my lesson Wednesday I stayed for an extra session - tried some moves in the field then did a few of my Pre Silver Dances in the solo mode .. although I have no intention of testing these alone if I don’t have to!

Worked on some Twizzles and turns then tried a few final spins before leaving the ice.

I have been really struggling with spins on the MK Dance blade.  Same rocker in theory as my MK Phantom FS blade but lacking of course the first big toe pick at the bottom.  I think I may be making baby steps of progress on them.

Moves I Ain’t Got

Practicing those pesky Gold Moves In The Field.  

They need some serious attention.  Especially the inside double three turns and the brackets.

The power circles need POWER.  From the first step to the last - all with POWER but increasing speed and circle size.

The double threes need more edge control and tidy feet.  I need to tuck my hips under me ~ pretty much for everything I do.  The inside double threes need some attention.  I have some great exercise for them but haven’t had enough ice time.

The backwards circle 8 is ok but needs better flow and especially the last edge = the LBI edge.  I always am misaligned and fall out of the circle or can’t continue the flow.

The brackets ..well… Plth.   They need work.  I know if I tuck my hips under me and keep neat feet without too much scissoring .. they will be cleaner.  Right now I can hardly do them without two - footing.

Lesson 2 Ice Dancing - with a partner

 Kendall LeClaire is working with my partner Mike and I for the summer.  By October we hope to test or compete somehow ~ depending on how things go.  Maybe a Bronze Partnered Free Dance or test. Finding both ice time and free time for us to practice is the only thing holding us back.  

Lesson 2 was really good.  It’s amazing how different skating with a partner at your level is compared to skating with a pro who anticipates all your faux pas’ and poor posture and skating skills.  

In Arizona when I skate with my coach Vitali Vakunov it is a totally different experience. Only one of us is learning.

When I skated pairs with Hank ~ it was similar to this; in that we had to spend a lot of time getting a feel for each other’s speed, edges and body language.  You know you’ve reached that point when you stop looking at each other’s feet!

Today we worked on stroking hand in hand, then in Kilian stroking and some Swing Rolls and Chassés then onto Progressives in Waltz hold.  We’re off to a great start.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tuesday Twizzles

Went for a badly needed practice session today.  No partner, just working on loosening up for tomorrow’s lesson early in the morning.  

The ice was unusually terrible today so I was cautious in my steps.  Did some warm ups and working on getting the cross rolls “dance style” vs free style.  I made a few attempts at my Pre Silver Dances .. some with overhead music and surprisingly (to myself) I did a full run of my free dance.  

My major issues right now are fatigue and knee pain and lack of confidence!

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Back in the Saddle Again!

 On the ice with my previous dance partner Mike Otis.  He took me through the first 6 dances back in 2016 and 2017.  We have decided to spend some time this summer skating together and taking some partnering lessons with coach Kendall LeClaire.

Day 1:  Evaluate our current skills and see where we are at!  

My 20 minutes with coach Kendall was spent on fundamentals.  Stroking, cross rolls, swing rolls, progressives front and back.  My takeaway was finally figuring out how to set my foot down on the ice during cross rolls like an ice dancer vs a freestyler or someone doing moves in the field.  

I was busy practicing during Mike's 20 minutes so I didn't see what they worked on.  Once together we just reacquainted ourselves with stroking side by side in hand hold.  We needed some help with even that! I can stroke pretty good with my coach Vitali in Arizona but he keeps a pretty good lock in our dance positions which makes it easier.  Skating with 2 skaters vs a skater and a coach is more difficult.

We made some progress on the side by side skating and found out we did better in Kilian hold.

It was a great first lesson with Kendall.  Looking forward to more..

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