Wednesday, September 30, 2020

One Month Later....

 Talk about resting on your laurels… After returning from a fabulous week of skating in Sun Valley culminating in taking and passing all three bronze ice dance tests, I proceeded to hang up my skates for 30 days.

All the pressure was off and we set out to enjoy the remainder of the beautiful summer. It’s 2020 hadn’t given us enough already he gave us a horrific fire season followed by several weeks of air quality so poor I didn’t hardly leave the house. 

When the smoke finally started to dissipate we packed up our trailer and headed to Yellowstone for some much-needed fresh air.

I signed up for this freestyle session at the spur the moment knowing I need really need to get back on the ice. And of course… As always… I did not properly stretch or warm up and when I launched into a camel spin I managed to pull my left hamstring. This has been happening lately as in when I was in Sun Valley it happened some thing about going up into the camel is pulling it. 

I skated about 3/4 of the hour long session and decided to crack out my camera during the last 10 minutes. We had been told not to take photos or video when the rink first allowed us back on the ice after lockdown,  but now I’m seeing other skaters doing it so… All bets are off.

Doing what I could today ending in trying out the 14 step the first of 3 pre-silver ice dances.

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