Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skating at EWU in Cheney

It's Sunday and my rink has no ice for the next week so I skated at Eastern Washington University.  The ice is so different here.  It's warmer inside (which is why I wore a skirt) and the ice is softer than my rink.  It's very bright inside and that actually makes me dizzy sometimes!

I practiced all of the Adult Silver Moves In The Field or MIF.  I only captured some of them on camera and I had to use the short end of the rink because they won't allow me to take my camera onto the ice there to position it on the board in the corner.  That is also why there is a haze on my video as it was behind the glass of the penalty box shooting out.

Adult Silver MIF don't feel too scary to me.  I think in a few months when the time comes I will be able to pass them.  This is how it goes as you move up the food chain of figure skating.  The moves are usually attainable, but the freestyle will hold you back from competing at higher levels.  I am still technically ADULT PRE BRONZE because I still have not taken my ADULT BRONZE FS test.

I can "skate up" at competitions, except at Adult Nationals.  You need to have passed the level in which you are competing.  Next year Adult Nationals will be held in Scottsdale, AZ.  I'm really excited and I hope to be able to bring 2 programs:  1 Adult Bronze and 1 Adult Bronze Artistic/Dramatic.  The latter has no required elements and you are judged on how well you interpret the music as well as the technical skills of your program, but again... no required elements.  So that is a lot on my plate between now and April 2013.

Here's some footage of my practice today:

Adult Silver Moves in the Field Descriptions
  1. Eight-step mohawk sequence
    The skater will perform two eight-step mohawk sequences counterclockwise. The step order is: Forward crossover into a LFO mohawk, followed by LBI, RBO, LBI cross forward and RFI. The skater should maintain a march cadence (one beat per step). Between the circles is a two-beat left foot transition. The sequence is then repeated twice in the opposite direction. Introductory steps are optional. This move may start in either direction.
    Focus: Quickness, continuous flow and strength

  2. Forward and backward free skate cross strokes
    The skater will perform free skate cross strokes the length of the ice surface. Forward cross strokes will be skated for one length of the rink and backward cross strokes skated for the second length of the rink. Introductory steps and end patterns are optional. This move may start on either foot.
    Focus: Continuous flow and strength

  3. FO-BI three-turns in the field
    The skater will perform forward three-turns alternating to backward three-turns covering the length of the rink. One length of the rink will start with RFO-LBI three-turns. On the second length of the rink, the skater will perform LFO-RBI three-turns. The end sequence and the choice of introductory steps are optional. This move may start on either foot.
    Focus: Edge quality                                   
  4. FI-BO three-turns in the field .On the first length of the rink the skater will perform RFI-LBO three-turns. On the second length of the rink the skater will perform LFI RBO three-turns. Introductory steps and end sequence are optional. This move may start on either foot.                                                                                                                        Focus: Edge quality                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  5. Consecutive outside and inside spirals .                                                                                                                                    The skater will perform right foot and left foot spirals. The outside edge spirals will be skated for the first length of the rink. Forward crossovers may be utilized (optional) around the end of the rink. Forward inside edge spirals will be skated for the second length of the rink. The exact number of spirals will depend on the size of the rink and the strength of the skater, however a minimum of four spirals down each length of the rink must be skated. The extended leg in the spiral should be held at hip level or higher. Introductory steps are optional.                                                                  Focus: Extension and edge quality 
  6. Forward and backward power change of edge pulls                                                                                                              The skater will perform consecutive power change of edge pulls — FIO to FOI — for the full length of the rink followed by backward change of edge pulls — BOI to BIO — for the second full length of the rink. The skater will change feet at the center of the rink. Introductory steps and end sequence are optional. This move may start on either foot.           Focus: Continuous flow and strength  


  1. Did you see the updates to the rule book in the last USFSA magazine? They've changed some of the requirements for Pre-Bronze programs as well as other levels. Check to be sure your program is still legal. Mine is...just.

  2. I did see them. I need to tweek my Bronze program for my Bronze FS Test. Then I need to get it spruced up for competition and add more things to it.

  3. I find the Silver moves impossible. I'm much closer to the Silver free elements than the moves. Most of the adults I know are that way too- they have the free elements for the next level, but can't pass the moves. These are lower level adults though- ones who can't do Bronze moves (one PB actually), but can do jumps through flip/lutz. The jumps aren't anything to write home about, but they are jumps.

  4. Probably because they are Younger Adults .. who started skating as adults or who never had to do figures as a child. I think having done some figures helps me.. personally. Although I never passed any figure tests and I only recall working on outside eight, inside eight, back outside, back inside, waltz 3 -That was Preliminary (I think) You would have to look at a rulebook from 1968 .. but I remember at the end of my patch sessions I would always try figures from much higher tests as I watched others!

  5. Diane, you still look really good after a month off. Hope I'll still remember how to skate after my two weeks off in September!

    Skittle/Jessim, I would definitely be one of those you're talking about. My jumps are better than my moves. Up to flip but till working on those pre-bronze moves...


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