Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Practicing Silver Moves In The Field

I'm getting a slow start back to skating regularly.  No matter what I did today, I never felt loose and limber.  I have been doing a lot of sitting at the computer lately and I think it's taking it's toll on me.

I ran through the Adult Silver MIF twice today.  This was the 2nd attempt.  The 1st attempt went better, but the camera was focused improperly and the whole video was blurry.


  1. Hey! I'm also an adult figure skater trying to run a team at my college. Ironically, I found your blog while looking for tips on how to do waltz jumps - they're so scary - but I'm really glad to see that someone else is dealing with similar hardships on the path of adult figure skating. Happy skating!

  2. Sorry you find them scary. Try them off ice. Really easy off ice... if you put too much into the jump off ice .. do a hop on your landing foot. The idea is arms and leg in sync.... keep skating! Thank for posting.

  3. I am working on Silver Moves, too! I never skated as a child and have only been at it just under two years, so EVERYTHING is scary to me! The backward threes are my holy grail and really cause me anxiety. I've been at Silver Moves for about four weeks now, and am finally (a) gathering enough courage to practice them on my own without my coach being present, and (b) actually eking them out. No flow, power, or control yet, but it's a start. It doesn't help that work prevents me from getting on the ice but once or twice a week, so I take any progress I can! And boy, oh boy, age doesn't help, either.Your back threes have nice speed! I just discovered your blog--and saw you've skated at my home rink, in Vacaville. It is very encouraging to know there are so many adult skaters out there. What a great sport.

    1. Congratulations. I commend anyone who takes up this sport for the first time as an adult. Even though I can't do many things I still have muscle memory from my childhood couple of years on ice and that really helps. People tell me I skate gracefully sometimes... I have to laugh... it's out of FEAR that I skate so slowly! Keep it up. Great rink .. Vacaville. I met a couple of your skaters there. Loved the disco lights.

  4. You are not skating as slow as you think you are :) Bring your upper body more paralell to the ice on your inside spirals, you are already doing it on the outside ones and they are really nice! How long are you supposed to hold the spirals for?



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