Friday, May 8, 2015

Hiatus #1 - Anniversary Trip

I'm back from my first trip.  Had a lovely 4 days with hubby playing golf, wine tasting and bike riding in Lake Chelan, WA.  Returned home, had to prep for a golf tournament and monthly meeting for which I am serving as President .. and I signed up to skate in our club's ice show June 19, 20 so I had rehearsal on Thursday taking up all my ice time.

What was left was a public session today.  I even canceled my lesson with my choreographer to help me with my test program for July 9 (yikes) because I was too tired to skate 2x in one day.

Today I ran through all my GOLD MIF.  You won't see much progress, but I did them in real time by request from a reader.  Ha!  I have readers!

Later on - I worked on my program and it's missing elements.  I didn't throw any Lutz jumps today .. I didn't feel secure.  Still suffering from the boot problem following my "strengthening".  I seem to have completely lost my Camel spin... and a few other things.

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