Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pairs Lesson 2

 Our second lesson with Chris Anders was challenging and productive. Some of the things he wants us to practice  like skating in our "bad" direction and tracking forward crossovers in different hold positions are going to take some time for us. Neither of us excel at deep strong edges.

We learned a new forward spiral position, and a Star spiral which he says is always a judge-pleaser.  We worked on our throw jumps; Waltz jump Salchow and Loop  discovering a few things we were doing wrong. And finally we worked on side-by-side spins and learned how to exit properly and together ...... I'm sure we will be working on this forever but we now have a basis to practice on our own.

 Next week we are going to attack the pivot spirals and possibly death spiral for half of our lesson and spend the other half off ice lifting… Maybe I should bring a helmet!

This is a longer video almost 10 minutes with no entertaining music playing in the background. Its purpose is primarily selfish so that Hank and I can revisit our lesson… Fast forward as you see fit.

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