Friday, April 26, 2019

Making Skating Friends in Arizona

In my quest to try out the nearby rinks closest to my new house in Arizona; this week I skated at Gilbert Ice.  They offer adult sessions several times per week in the middle of the day.  Hurrah !!  No early mornings or skating on busy freestyle sessions.
I skated both Wed and Fri this week at Gilbert Ice.  Met some new friends and ran into some skating friends I know from previous competitions ~ What a great place to skate.  There are lots of adults here... I’m going to really enjoy skating my winters in Arizona.

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  1. I am an adult competitive figure skater, something I find amazing after taking a break from figure skating for 30 years. Started back last April, fast forward a year and taking lessons with an amazing coach Jayne, I competed in the National Adult Figure Skating Championships last October and placed Second, in March of this competed in USF Gold Rush Competition and placed second again, on April 16 competed in the USF Crystalline Competition in Santa Rosa and to my amazement placed second. Every time I step on the ice it is like a dream, I love skating and feel I have been given a gift to skate again and to be doing so well. When You Believe anything is possible. "I will be competing in Skate the Lake here in Lake Tahoe in June and am confident that in 1 of my 2 programs I have a good chance to place first. As Adult Figure Skaters we inspire others that it is never to late


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