Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Title Change... Figure Skating over 60

It’s official - tomorrow I turn 60.  It marks 10 years since returning to figure skating.  And really 3 years since I stopped working toward a test or competition.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up as a 60 year old with a pair of ice skates - out of shape again and out of touch with everything surrounding the rules and requirements for my age/skill classification.  There have been some big changes in adult figure skating since I stopped skating regularly.

I have a few obligations and travel plans between now and mid November, which is when I hope to return to the ice to see how forgiving it is.  Free skating, dance, pairs, testing ??? Who knows.  Till then good bye from me in my 50’s.  It was fun.


  1. Hmmm 60, I am 64 and returned back to ice skating in April 2018. Started working with coach in May 2018 - fast forward have been in 5 competition placed second in 4 and first in June - 2 Gold Medals. I was suppose to be competing this next Saturday, October 5, last Saturday September 28 I was at rink to run through my program a few more times which I already felt very secure in about 35 minutes in my skate went out from me and I landed full force onto the back of my head - a few seconds later the lights went out and then I saw paramedics above me. Wow what happened - I was dazed, confused and scared laying on a table in the trauma center of emergency at the hospital. The bad news have a serious concussion, the good news no injury to spinal cord, bleeding in the brain. I has now been almost 5 days since the fall and I am getting better. I order a Craasch3 head band to wear when I start skating again. I hope to return back to ice in 2-3 weeks. Accidents, injuries do happen, the thing is we need to learn from them and move on. For me it seems my blade hit something to create that type of fall as from what I recall I was not doing anything on the ice to put myself at risk of falling. I will compete again in March and next June and then plan to compete in National Adult Figure Skating Championships next November 9,10,11 in Las Vegas. I competed in this event last October here in Lake Tahoe and placed second. Think having a goal motivates you during recovery. Never give up

  2. Well, technically you're still "over 50" so no blog name change required!

  3. Happiest of Birthday. I turned 60 last month and still attempt to gain ground on the ice - you were the one who inspired me to return about 4 years ago:) Since moved from Vancouver where Adult Figure skating is popular and coaches/uce dance partner available to Victoria where it is unusual and so no coach. Just me and the ice but I shall carry on.

  4. Best regards from Bergen, Norway! I hope you get back on ice. You inspire. Takk! :)


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