Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sun Valley Adult Skating Week 2020

 It’s Saturday August 29, 2020.  Sun Valley Adult Skating Week 2020 has come to and end. My week will be over this afternoon - after the test session.  As always Sun Valley Adult Skating Week did not disappoint.  All of the group classes were both fun and very helpful when returning home to continue practicing.    

Due to COVID there are some changes this year.  Smaller attendance obviously, but most people are wearing masks on and off the ice.  It’s required on ice only if you are in a partnered pairs or dance lesson, but you will notice more skaters wear a mask than not in the group classes.  I find it very difficult to skate with a mask on.  It’s terribly uncomfortable, hot and humid.  I know I am not being oxygen deprived, but it feels as though I am -so it affects my stamina... which is waning by the year anyway! Masks are also required on the benches outside the indoor rink - which is where we are putting on our skates and leaving our belongings. Outside we use the bleachers to lace up and we only pass through the chalet to check in for sessions and classes.  If you take a private lesson you are also required to have your temperature taken just beforehand.  For the record I was 95, 95, 96, 96, 96 !  

This year I decided to try and test at the end of the week.  I have been taking a daily lesson with Brent Bommentre on the indoor ice every day late in the afternoon.  I never feel completely “ready” for a test, but having a professional skater and coach propping you should take off some of the pressure.  I’ll be testing the Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz and the Ten Fox - the Bronze level ice dances.

Sorry the indoor videos - they are difficult to see - It’s impossible to capture ice dancing without someone following you with a camera.

In summary, COVID or not.  Sun ValleyAdult Skating Week is worth the splurge.  The energy, love, camaraderie and scenery are all icing on the cake to a great week of skating.  Thank you Scott Irving and Pam Farr for putting it all together once again.

Patch 7:00 am Monday!

Coffee Club Monday with Frank Sweiding

Arms In Space with Stephanee Grosscup

Spin to Win with Craig Heath

Lesson 1 with Brent Bommentre

Advanced Edge Class with Erin Reed

                                                                    Lesson #2 with Brent Bommentre

Group Photo during Wednesday Coffee Club

Edges and Extension with Erin Reed



Lesson #3 with Brent Bommentre

Wednesday morning patch 8:15


   Program Dance Session

MIF with Anita Hartshorn

                                                                    Lesson #4 with Brent Bommentre

                                                                 Friday morning last patch of the week


Coffee Club Friday with Stephanee Grosscup

Edge Jumps with Jonathan Hunt

Lesson #5 - Last lesson with Brent Bommentre before my test!

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  1. Such an extensive peek into Adult Week this year! Thanks for posting, not sure how you found the time during the week, you must be quick at all the editing. It's fun for me to see so many folks I know in the videos-- hope you're having a great time, and good luck on your dance test today! I also have had a big ongoing challenge with wide-stepping on the back chasses and progressives, no one has failed me for that yet. I'm sure they would be pickier on the higher levels, though. I got a couple lessons with Erin two years ago, I really like her, she's so good at choreography. Until next time!


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