Monday, January 18, 2021

Motivational Monday

 Wow - what a week of figure skating.  I was glued to Peacock watching nearly every program from all the senior disciplines.  I love our talent pool.  I have always been a freestyler at heart, but lately I am finding much more enjoyment out of Ice Dance vs Pairs or Singles.  There are hardly any falls and the mistakes are often hidden.  The innovative programs, holds, lifts, pair spins, tricks.. if you will are just stunning - not to mention the costuming and expression of the skaters. Just wow.

All that wow motivated me on Monday to try a little harder, but I am still so far behind the dance curve.  I have so many fundamentals of dance and skating that won’t come to fruition - despite my visualization and knowing where my errors lie.  It comes down to balance, core strength and solid edges .. all 8 of them.  I think that is why figures played such an important role years ago.  Nevertheless there are plenty of young skaters who don’t even know what a scribe is.

Enough said.  Here’s my warm up, drill practice and 3 stabs at the pre-silver dances on Monday.


  1. Hi Diane. I agree that ice dance has become so compelling in recent years, I love watching it. I'm glad to see that you're practicing your pre-silver dances. I've been working on them for quite a while, though I've only skated for two weeks (outside at Sun Valley) since last March. I heard that both of the Ice Dens have had small COVID outbreaks among figure skaters. Stay safe! Our rinks have re-opened again, this time requiring masks on everyone at all times. I haven't been back yet though I'm very tempted and I might. I have new skates that I want to break in.

  2. Hi Mary. So funny I was just watching your dance with Ty last night! Yes I have heard that about the Ice Dens. I have been skating at both of them but wear a mask during a lesson - group or private. So grateful to have ice to skate on. Been taking lessons from 2 coaches on a regular basis and I’m making baby steps of progress but it’s incredible how bad my waltz three turns are and my knee bend and my extension ..or lack thereof is. Ice dancing is not easy! Eventually I am sure the work will pay off. It’s attainable whilst I have a coach to prop me on the dances, but I could never pass a test or compete solo. I do miss freestyle .. a lot but my landing knee doesn’t like the 145 lbs I have been toting around. I just can’t seem to lose any weight. Oh well. Great to hear from you. Stay well. D

    1. Really?! I sure wish I could still dance with Ty! The European is so hard. I anticipate that once I'm back I'll still be working on it for some indeterminately long time. Lose weight? There seems to be no limit to how much weight I can gain in this pandemic-- missing my skating and gym time! I'm glad you got to see Melissa and Jose-- can't wait until we can all skate together again.

  3. Skating has been hard if not impossible in Washington - especially on your side of the state huh? I wonder what this summer will be like. I doubt I will get a vaccine before then.



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