Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Final Week of Skating in Arizona

First was my last Ice Cafe in Scottsdale at the Ice Den.  My phone got knocked over so there’s only a few moments of Ice Cafe with coach Doug.

My last lesson with Todd Gilles was fun.  We ran all the dances and picked a few things apart.  I wish I had pushed harder and been able to test before heading up north for the summer - I doubt I will find any dance coaching/partnering that will enable me to test before I return.

2nd Was my Wednesday skate at Ice Den Chandler on the Ice Café session there. I had my last lesson with beautiful Naomi Lang.  As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz “I’ll miss you most of all” ... We looked at my Free Dance program - which I can use to test Juvenile Solo Free Dance .. at some point.

Lastly was my Thursday skate at Ice Den Chandler with Vitali Vakunov.  I really enjoy lessons with him because he always warms us up with stroking exercises and step exercises that practice components of the dances we are working on.  We get a lot of skating done during our lessons.

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