Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Happy New Year 2022 !

 First day back on the ice today.  Skipped my Monday practice and trying to cram it all into a short session.  I was pretty tired - PHFS ?  Post Holiday Fatigue Syndrome !  My stamina really bites right now. A run of my solo free dance threw my heart rate up to 164 today.  I never even leave the ice except for a couple of hops.  Gotta work on that.  

Fourteen Step:  Getting better on the pattern but still cannot skate to tempo without coach Vitali.  I sped up the video to 1.25% of the speed and it nearly matched the music.

Foxtrot:  Also getting better and I am thinking this is probably my favorite of the three evil Pre-Silver Dances!  Just need a nicer Closed Mohawk and more power to get the 2nd  pattern in the proper place

European Waltz:  My nemesis.  I am trying so hard to not wide step.  Someday somebody’s words will click with me and I will find a way to make them clean.

Solo Free Dance:  Looks pretty sloppy all throughout.  I plan to really attack this one since there is a possibility I will try and compete with it at Adult Sectionals (non-qual) event in March of 2022.  I also plan to use this program as a test: Adult Juvenile Solo Free Dance sometime.   I need to clean up my twizzles.  Coach would like to see a triple vs a double on both of them.  Me too but I lack the confidence and don’t have good form.  My counter and my chocktaw need improvements.  Most of all my overall extension, hands, head, body need a lot of work to make this a performance skate.    Nothing like a video playback to show you the TRUTH! 

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