Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Stress Skating

So here I am - 10 days from a competition and in that dreaded place.   Feeling not ready.  Not by a long shot.  Yes I will go - I will skate and barring no fall - I will pat myself on the back for taking a risk and putting myself “out there” again after 6 years.

I would love - just once to attend a test session or competition where I felt like “I’ve got this” or I am ready and have been ready for some time.  Does anyone ever feel that way?   I wonder.   Perhaps it’s how show skaters feel after their days of competition are over.  No more judges. Skating exhibition style and for the most part skating using the skills they can do in their sleep. (Thankfully none of those people read my blog or I would probably get a load a complaints for saying that!!!)

So I will just chock today up to nerves and old age.  It was a strange session with interruptions due to someone taking a virtual MIF test on our dance session.  And … there were 5-6 skaters on the ice which is unusual!   I know .. I should not complain about 5-6 skaters on the ice.

My complaint is that I don’t see any good form or extension or expression during my skating right now.  When I am out there .. I feel like I am trying but when I see the video .. whoa .. it looks more like someone  walking through their program rather than skating it full out.

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