Thursday, February 16, 2023

Back To Skating

 We took a short trip to Cabo for a friends daughters’ wedding. Had a blast - drank too much tequila and got ZERO exercise unless you count going from the room to the pool and back or a quick few dances at the wedding.

Back in AZ on the ice on my first day back and of course a lesson day I cautiously stepped on the ice.  It’s always colder than I remember.  I didn’t think I would accomplish anything but I think I had a good lesson.  I even got through 1 complete free dance run and almost ended with the music!

I know my videos are longer than they should be for anyone’s attention span, but I don’t keep the blog or my YouTube channel for the viewership.  That has just become a added bonus to my way of holding myself accountable and analyzing my skating.  I think it helps to know that what you feel you are doing on the ice isn’t what you look like!  That is a double edged sword… it does lead to a lot of disappointment and self loathing!!  But once in a while you yourself .. or me myself .. will see some actual progress.

After doing this for 10 years now - skating as an adult and blogging and vlogging about it I can see and have documented my progress and set backs.  I wonder what it would look like on a chart or graph?

That was a lot of alliteration.  Today I had a lesson.. here it is.  Vid #2 is the same skate of the free dance but with more close ups trying not to show the other skaters in the rink.

Same free dance

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