Friday, April 26, 2013

My New Club Jacket

Ok, it's official.  After returning from Adult Nationals I realized that if I intend to go next year (and or compete anywhere locally under the club name) I need to get a club jacket.

I don't ordinarily skate on club ice.  I have the luxury of being one of a few adult skaters at my rink and my mid morning skating and lessons can be done on our public session.  I am so grateful to the rink and my coach for this.  Skating is EXPENSIVE.  But for me it's more about having the ice to myself as an adult and not having 20 Preliminary-Intermediate level skaters to dodge while I am practicing my Moves in the Field.

So now that I have the jacket, I better get back on the ice and start preparing for my next goal:  a competition in June and July and taking my Adult Bronze Free Skate Test and  Adult Silver Moves In The Field Test.

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  1. Very nice! Sadly my club will not give club jackets to adult skaters.



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