Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Back on Home Ice

I finally drug myself to the rink today.  It was one of the first hot days in Spokane.  85 degrees.  I was driving with the convertible top down and the rink didn't even seem that cold today!

Much to my surprise and delight; I found 4 other adult skaters there.  Some of them I may have mentioned before.

1: Jill (ex - Holiday on Ice skater from 1958)
2: John (retired doctor and recreational skater
3: Father Joe (retired Catholic priest and recreational skater)
4: Cary (ex competitor and Holiday on Ice circa 1970's and is skating therapeutically "doctors orders"

I was actually the YOUNGSTER of all of us!

My apologies: This video wasn't sitting at the proper angle and the feet are cut off!

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