Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Basic Jumps & Spins

I was on and off the ice rather quickly today.  I warmed up by a few laps of stroking, followed by a few laps of stroking with inside edges, followed by backward crossovers and stroking, followed by some stretching at the wall.  Much to my surprise ... after doing about 10 Waltz Jumps and 10 Toe Loops and attempting to do some Loop Jumps (which jump off my right leg ...) I managed to pull a groin muscle in my left leg during the preparation position (crossovers, change of weight to right leg and pull in).

Hope it heals soon.


  1. Hope you heal soon, Diane! Thanks for sharing this video with us!

  2. I love the rink where you skate. So light and airy. Many rinks are dark holes with either poor lighting against a dark ceiling of pipes and whatnot or the rink management turns off all but a few lamps to conserve energy, or both. Also, I assume this is a VERY empty public session judging by the dude in shorts and the kid with the hockey helmet as the only two other skaters present. Too bad this rink isn't close by--I'd be there!

  3. Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone. I am so lucky to skate here on public sessions. My rink is colder than most in the winter.... But it's a small price to pay.



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