Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ina .... Where Are You ???

Had my first lesson in a few months with my choreographer.  We talked about my new music for a Silver Free Skate program I plan to start working on -  We hit the ice and started working on some things I can't do well yet:

  • Straight line (flat or outside edge) Ina Bauer
  • COE (change of edge) spirals
  • Hydroglides
  • Clamshell Spiral 
As soon as I got off the ice I knew it was time for the gym and time for the hot tub~!


  1. I haven't heard of a clamshell spiral, don't see the term elsewhere online either. You have a nice outside spread eagle, seems like that means you will get there with the Ina Bauer too. I agree with your choreographer, nice spin! Your camels are very nice.

  2. Very nice camel/comb spins! I know you will concur the Ina Bauer! It looks like your arms are causing the curve. Something of which I know quite well...

    I finally concurred the mohawk this week. Its just holding those arm/shoulder positions correctly upon exit I am having trouble with because I am not "curving" but exiting in a straight line...or sometimes I exit into a back inside edge loop because I've curved too much...my coach is bringing in the flex bands next week for me to hold while I skate, just to get the arm/shoulder positions so I can hold the exit better.

    Don't know if you can work with the flex bands, but it may help hold that Ina Bauer straight :)


Next Week TEST (trial)

 Last lesson this week before we try and lay this down in virtual test style.  We'll video and do full runs and see where we are at next...