Friday, September 11, 2015

Ice Dancing Too

If I don't already have enoug on my plate...... I am also trying to get serious about learning how to ice dancer. As always .. My interest is primarily recreational but for me the only way I can get better at anything is to go "all in" as they say in the poker world. I like the idea of learning the dances and taking and passing the tests - potentially competing, but I am more interested in the accomplishment of learning the dances.

I have potentially found a partner, although I am not 100% sure he feels I am a good match for him. He is a USFSA judge and skates recreationally so we would be attempting the same tests together for the first time each.

So this was our first practice together... Testing the waters so to speak. I hope it works out.
We are both taking a group dance class together but the class is on 30 minutes a week on freestyle ice ... Really hard to achieve much.

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Next Week TEST (trial)

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