Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lessons, Lessons, Lessons

Back from a short holiday -  A little jet lagged, but I showed up for practice early to work on music choice and off ice practice and lessons.

My two coaches collaborated today together to give us a great lesson.  We never seem to make any visible progress while we are in the middle of a lesson, but we take from it and work on it during the time between lessons.

Off ice we worked on the Axel Lift and Loop Lift.  We are getting closer to an Axel lift off ice, but we haven't gotten it up into position on ice yet.  The loop lift we just accomplished the other day needed fixing and it felt like we took a 1/2 step backwards before we fix that and move forward.

On ice .... with two coaches watching us we worked on fixing some of the things plaguing us.  We put some different arm positions into our side by side jumps to up the ante and get us more in sync.  We were able to recognize the trouble with our throw loop and will continue to work on it on our own.

We got a little frustrated working on the lifts today, but we will take away from the lesson and hopefully put it to use on Thursday at our next lesson.

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