Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Double Header Tuesdays

Pairs practice & lesson on public followed by choreographer lesson on club ice.  This may be a normal day for some of you more dedicated skaters, but for me, skating twice in a day is asking a lot and usually nothing good comes from over exerting my body.

Pairs Lesson

We are making significant progress in our Axel lift.  Most of the time we are getting it up.  This was our biggest struggle the past six months.  Now I need to work on my leg position (not being in a piked position bent at the waist with my legs past Hanks body!) and Hank needs to work on a smoother transition and 2 consistent turns in position.  Simple right?

Our lift from group 2 (waist lift) which for us is a Loop Lift position .. is suffering because Hank is experiencing a lot of pain in his right forearm in this lift.  Coach thinks it is because he is lifting me too far from his body and not getting elbows in and under.  I feel bad for Hank .. no fun being in pain.

We really need a better solo spin and pair spin for this IJS competition so we are trying to incorporate a Camel-Sit for our solo spins .. .they may turn into a Camel Scratch or Sit Scratch - but we need to find one with enough revolutions (in sync) to count for IJS.  Same with the pairs spin.  Right now we have a Camel-Upright-Camel (in opposite position) - I would like to add a crouch position to it .. and speed it up... (easier said than done).


Choreography Lesson

So I have new music for my new program and I am really excited about it.  I started working on this with my primary coach to add some harder things into my footwork and we decided to start this new program with footwork and get it out of the way.

Lesson #1 with the choreographer is always frustrating... as is lesson #2-#10 ... Choreography is not my forte.  I really suck at it.  Lack of dance training I suppose.

Here's the result from our first meeting.

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