Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Mambo ...

Well, not exactly.  It was the Monday Cha Cha.  We worked on the Swing Dance and the Fiesta Tango too buy the camera was off.

We are working on all three of these dances and making about as much progress as the ice time we are putting into it. 3 hours a week minus all the time we spend talking about it and that doesn't leave much practice time.  It's like watching a football game, fast forward through all the instant replays and commercials and you get about 12 minutes per game of the ball in play!  And apparently one of us was having fun video-bombing!

_   I had a great MIF lesson with Berkley today but I didn't put my camera out during the freestyle session.  I really wish I had.  We spent the entire lesson working on Power Circles.  I basically learned that I don't know how to do proper crossovers most of the time. We are looking for the RUMBLE on each stroke and on both feet.  I am guilty of the crossed under foot just going for a ride.  I can push, but to get my weight over the right part of the skating foot and really press into the ice on the crossed under foot (both directions forward and backward) - that is going to take some time.
Next week I will publish some video of the exercise she gave me.

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