Monday, November 7, 2016

Compulsory Figures 101

Operator error.  My video was off during my first compulsory figures lesson.  It was great.
My very scary Silver Test Blades are honed to a 1 1/2 " radius on hollow ... which means they are seemingly FLAT compared to the hollow of a freestyle blade.

That equates to skidding unless you have your hips under you and you are leaning into your blade.
You cannot just glide or go for a ride on these bad boys.  It takes core strength and pressure into the ice to keep them on the ice.  Practicing figures on freestyle blades is entirely different.

We worked on Preliminary figures.  Inside and outside edges across the short axis of the rink, like Pre Prelim moves in the field.  We worked on FO and FI eight.

Seems my initial problem is the push off.  I am overlapping my circles from the push.
I will describe this better in the future with video and photos... next time.

I had not had a lesson on figure blades (Patch skates) in 46 years and my coach had not given a patch lesson in 25 !!  It was fun.  People were staring at us!

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