Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thursday Lesson Day

 I was so excited when I started getting regular partnering lessons with Todd Gilles.  Since my last batch of Bronze tests were also not up to par leading into the test session after Adult Week in Sun Valley last year .. I thought .. oh 5 or 6 lessons with Todd and I’ll be nearly ready with these Pre-Silver Dances.  Not so.

I don’t know if the steps are that much harder or if I just find them more difficult.  I can punch out a vague pattern on tempo of all three dances at this point - but executing the steps correctly, with good posture and extension whilst staying connected to my partner .. so much harder than the last set of dances.

On the plus side:

My stamina is increasing

I’m having to think less about the actual steps of the dance and more about placement of my feet

Coach says I am improving in my hold although I still need work on not rounding my shoulders and giving adequate resistance in our frame

He says my three turns are improving - although to be honest he can’t really see my feet - the video doesn’t lie.

On the frustrating side: 

I can see that I am fighting to keep up with him and doing so causes my three turns to go wild

All dances need more work on the end patterns 

Prior to the lesson I did a full run of my Gold MIF for the first time in months.  First run - lots of mistakes as you will see.  

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