Friday, October 21, 2022

WHEW! Passed both tests!

 They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings… an opera reference and probably not a politically correct one at that.  Well the fat lady has sung and she skated too!

Honestly I am really proud of our partnered free dance.  Mike and I started this journey early this summer and with only 1-2 max practice sessions per week and a weekly lesson with Kendall LeClaire who has the patience of a saint.   

After testing and skating competitively for 11 years as an adult skater .. I have learned that I NEVER FEEL READY for anything.  Not a test nor a competition.  It seems to get worse and worse as I get older.

Nevertheless we did our best this morning.  We both got a pass by all three judges.  We each had plenty of notes on things to improve on.

Following that skate I had to wait for 2 other moves in the field tests.   I skated ok during my solo FD test but not my best for sure.  Darn it.   But I did pass that too and now I have some new goals for Arizona.

Goals for the winter.

Test my PRE-SILVER dances with a partner (my coach most likely) and work on the skills within those dances and hopefully pass the tests and start to learn the Silver Dances.

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