Monday, November 7, 2022

Arizona Ice Time Begins NOW!

What a great summer it was.  It flew by ~ I had no idea I was going to skate so often and spend most of the working toward a partnered dance test.  It was so much fun working with a partner again.

My modus operandi is to hang up my skates for a bit right after I complete a test or competition.  I get so mentally exhausted and worked up over the performance day .. I just need time off.  So I haven’t seen the ice since October 21.

Today I got back on the ice in Arizona and had a dance lesson with Vitali Vakunov.  After not skating for two weeks and playing 9 holes of golf in the morning .. I was wondering how my legs were going to hold up.  

Much to my surprise I never got really fatigued during the 45 minute lesson.  We went from dance to dance doing warm up exercises before each dance then running them back to back.  I was pretty impressed with my stamina.  Of course I think Vitali is doing all the work .. I’m just along for the ride!

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