Monday, January 30, 2023

Last Week Video Fail - This Week I Tried Skating with Guards On !

 If you have skated long enough it has happened to you.  I was on the ice today and the rink music wasn’t working.  So off I went to inform someone at the front desk and when I came back onto the ice …. 

… you know what happened next.  Nearly did the splits and lucky not to have bruised anything but my ego.

My practice ice didn’t go great .. maybe I will look at it later and post a few moments but my lesson went pretty well.  These dances are not getting any easier.  There are lots of quick steps in the Tango and partners shift positions quite a bit.  The Waltz is well.. swingy to say the least… that’s all it is.  Swing rolls and swing 3’s .. it can get out of control pretty easily.  Hard for me to keep my hips under me on that one. The Rocker Foxtrot has trouble in just about every step.

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