Monday, January 23, 2023

Not In Synch Today

 I really look forward to my lessons on Monday partnering the dances I am working on with coach Vitali. Usually I walk away feeling like I can do this!    But today I didn’t skate the session leading into my lesson with him and he had already been on the ice for an hour.

We did a short warm up of two foot forward and backward pumps and slaloms and got into the Tango. Suddenly I am cutting myself off after the cross-behind step and making it impossible to keep the dance on pattern.  We stopped and restarted so many times.

When we finally moved into the American Waltz  the same thing happened.  I was not swinging to the wall and not re aligning with my partner after each swing.  Again start-stop-start-stop.

At the end of the session we had no time for the Rocker Foxtrot but did a couple of lengths of the rink doing the rocker exercise.  Again .. that rocker isn’t being executed correctly.  

Hopefully next week will be better.  I’ll try to get some solo practice done.  You know things are bad when your coach is out of breath and you are not.  It made me aware of how hard it is for them to “prop” you when you are learning the steps and the cadence of the dances.  I can’t imagine how hard this would be with two “student” skaters both trying to learn the dance.

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