Monday, May 29, 2023

Adult Gold MIF Test TRIAL

 Knowing I was not ready for this test my coach asked me to make a run at it. “Put on a skirt and run them without stopping as though you are skating for the judges or a virtual test”  This way we can visually see where my weaknesses are and maybe a few strengths!

This test would not have passed - even at Adult 50+ but it is getting closer.  I won’t be on the ice much this summer after today because I am moving and we have a busy schedule this summer.

I’ll keep posting any practices as they happen.  

Happy Summer.

P.S.  Thank you coach John Saitta for never giving up on me.  So many words of wisdom come out of every lesson.  It’s difficult to remember them all and put them into everyday practice. But little by little progress comes.  I’ll miss you most of all … to quote Dorothy!

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