Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Return To The Ice After 4 Months

 After four months plus a week off the ice I skated for the first time.  To say I felt like Bambi is an understatement.  

We moved from Washington to Arizona and the process required my full attention.  No time to skate.  I skated a little in April and May and hung up my skates May 31st.

Now that I am here I can finally get back to the ice.  Not only did I feel wobbly and feel awkward, but I have forgotten many of the steps and rhythms of my dances.  I have a partner lesson with Vitali on Thursday and I’m really nervous about that.

On the plus side - I didn’t fall or get hurt.  On the minus side - my boots hurt because I spent the summer out of them and in flip flops.  🩴 Bunions worst enemy are flip flops.

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