Monday, June 10, 2013

Lesson On Spinning

I didn't roll the camera for my lesson today.  I captured a little of my pre-lesson practice and then just concentrated on my lesson .. during my lesson (for a change).

This week I am dealing with a torn muscle of some sort under my side from playing golf.  I felt something go PING the other day and it wasn't the sound of a golf club.  I have been in quite a bit of upper body pain over it and was reluctant to skate.  I didn't seem to affect my skating except that I feel more fatigued than normal.

WHATEVER! I sound like a broken record about my aging and broken body!

Lesson on Spinning.

I learned today that I am not always spinning into my circle.  (I may have to draw this out).  When you wind up for a spin from back crossovers, on the last step R foot over L you create this arc on a back R inside edge.  When you step into your spin .. you are supposed to step into that same circle.  I sometimes step away from it out of the circle.. thereby losing energy needed for a higher number of revolutions.. also losing my balance because a spin that starts where it's supposed to will be more centered from the beginning and is more likely to stay centered.

Ok.  That paragraph won't mean anything to you unless you skate.

Anyway, I learned what I am consistently doing WRONG in my scratch spin.  I made some progress on my back spin and learned what I am doing WRONG in my camel spins.

Next practice I will hopefully demonstrate some improvement.


  1. You've made some tremendous progress on your backspin! Hooray!

  2. You are sweet, thanks! Yesterday I apparently made huge strides in it, but I didn't film the ones I did with my coach there. She made me bring my foot in higher up. I kept feeling like I was falling, but she filmed me on her coaching application and showed me that I wasn't. I still feel like a helmet and elbow pads are going to be necessary to get over the fear!!!


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