Thursday, June 27, 2013

Practice ... and a Lesson

After walking a few miles while playing 9 holes of golf yesterday I skated about 20 minutes of practice before my lesson.  My legs were well stretched out from the walking, but I could still benefit from from some off ice warm ups at the rink BEFORE I put my skates on.

Back on rink #2 today.  I warmed up with some stroking, edges and 3 turns and then turned on the camera for some spins and a few jumps before my lesson.

I moved my camera to the other end of the rink, thinking I would get another 5 minutes of practice on video and much to my surprise - it ran for the next 29 minutes and captured my entire lesson.
I contemplated showing the 15 minute lesson in real time - raw video ... but there was quite a few minutes of conversation and off camera skating that frankly would have put anyone to sleep.  So I cut to the important parts of the lesson (for me) that will help me remember what we covered.

Today's Lesson:  Back Spin, Jump technique


  1. Your coach is right - all jumps take off going forward. If you watch the slow motion video of any high level skater, you'll see that every jump leaves the ice (off the toepick) when the skater is facing forward. Glad you're making progress on the backspin!

  2. Your back spin is so coming along! You look totally in control of it, it's just a matter of gaining the confidence to straighten up and pull in. But it looks to me like what you have would be good enough to pass Bronze FS. I haven't taken it yet, but I've heard that the standard for the backspin is generally not very high.

    It's interesting what your coach says about blade lengths for the jumps. It would seem to me that an axel or doubles would be achievable without the blade lengths, because having time for the rotation is more a function of jump height than jump distance. That being said, if you have the distance, you probably by definition have the time, but you may have the time without having the distance. But I don't jump axel or doubles (yet :) ) so I don't know this for sure.

  3. Trust me she was halfway joking about being ready for an axeI probably will never ever see one

  4. Never say NEVER! I believe in you!


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