Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harness Lesson

It happened.  Something I NEVER thought I would do in my life.  Jump practice in a harness.
I was so nervous about it.  My coach assured me there are heavier skaters than me who have been strapped into it.  Once I saw how it worked I felt better (despite the rusty pulley above my head!)

We did Waltz Jumps, Toe Loops, Flips and tried a few Lutz Jumps.  That was the hardest to do in the harness for some reason.  I never had a really good one.

I set up my camera for my practice and forgot it was down at the other end of the rink, so when I zoom in, it will be fuzzy.

Oh by the way.... it's a blast being in the harness.  Once you have the confidence and you know that no matter what you coach is going to either keep you from falling .. or keep you from falling hard ..
You can just  attack your jumps and you can also think about other things while you are jumping.

I don't mean day dreaming of course... my issue today was that my free leg was not crossed over my jumping leg ..  in a jump position.  I would pop out which of course slows that rotation and sabotages your landing.


  1. Great harness session! What's the background music?

    1. I think its from the band named after the Windy City ....

  2. Congrats on working on the harness! I'm jealous as NO coach will ever agree to let me go on the harness (they've all told me I'm too fat and too tall). And I loved your sped up warm up. Keep up the good work!



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