Monday, November 4, 2013

Jumps On And Off The Ice

Warming up has never been my strong suit.  My daily routine includes soaking my bones in a hot tub  to warm my muscles followed by a 30 minute car ride to the rink where I usually go into the cold rink, put my skates on, lace up and start skating.  After a 5 minute on ice warm up, I go to the wall and stretch.

Here is what I should be doing:

Warm Up Exercises

Today, in trying to get with the program, I did a few minutes of off ice jumping to warm up.  I really need to discipline myself to arrive earlier and allow ample time for a proper warm up every day before I skate and also follow up with a proper cool down.  I'm pretty sure it will improve all aspects of my skating and well being.

Part 1 of my practice today was off ice
Part 2 of my practice was on ice working on ALL the jumps.  (- Axel of course)
Part 3 of my practice was working on Silver MIF


  1. I can't thank you enough for that link! I should be better about warming up too. I used to take my dog for a 3 mile walk with a friend on mornings before I skated, which was great for everyone and served nicely as a warm-up, but we've gotten out of the habit, and now I really need something else. I'm going to try this plan and see how it goes.

  2. … Of course knowing what you're supposed to do and actually doing it are two completely different things! We will see how well I do. Maybe it'll work like dieting once I actually start to see the results of my efforts I'll get more motivated to keep going


Getting busy on these Silver Dances

I have been working on these silver dances too long!   Planning to go all in on them until I can test them in the next few months.