Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'd Skate A Mile ... For A Camel

I'm sure I will be skating several miles before the Camel appears!

I had a short harness lesson today without much of a warm up.  I took a fall taking some things to the dumps the other day and fell on my back.  I am sore, but not seriously hurt, but it really showed today in my skating in some instances.  The harness kind of hurt.

I set up the video and thought it was running, but it wasn't so all I captured was my practice after my lesson.  Coach Berkley wants me to work on all my jumps and start working on my Camel Spin and get a Camel - Sit Spin combo for my competition program .. she says I will need it to be competitive.

... I will need a lot more than a Camel - Sit combo!


  1. Hi Diane! What a great start to your camel and camel-sit! It looks like you're opening up on the camel too early, and that is why your hip (and leg) drops. Try this in a straight line: Put a glove in the "crease" where your thigh meets your hip bone. Skate in a camel position all the way down the line and squeeze the glove so it stays in place. Your goal is to keep the glove there so it doesn't fall. That's the position you need to hit in the camel. If you can do it in a straight line, you can do it while spinning. (If you are daring, you can try doing the camel spin with the glove in the crease - just be careful if the glove falls so you don't trip on it) Good luck!


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