Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Putting The Pieces Back Together

I was able to get to the rink today for a good practice.  I felt apprehensive about trying any jumps but took my time and ended up being quite satisfied at what I was ABLE to do - rather than what I was UNABLE to do.

I stroked a lot before during and after everything I took video of to achieve some cardio exercise and I forced myself to work on the dreaded Toe Loops, Back Sit Spin and Back Scratch Spins.

Flushing out any idea of competition in the near future will make room for me to improve on my fundamentals and correcting these jumps and making them stronger.  That's my immediate goal.

This will probably be my only time on ice for the week if not longer but maybe I will drag my skates with me in case an opportunity arises west of the Cascades while I am there.

Thank you to all my dear blog friends for all your kind words.  It has helped.


  1. Hi Diane, I'm glad to hear you have a new goal for your skating, a very worthwhile goal that is hard to do when you are focused on a competition. I hope it gives you something nice to think about sometimes when you are off the ice. Maybe I will see you while you are west of the Cascades-- perhaps we could meet at Kingsgate, contact me if you would like that.

    1. Thanks Mary.. If I plan to skate I will let you know for sure.

  2. Your skating looks great, Diane, even if you have been off the ice for a little while. It'll all come back pretty quickly when you're ready. Thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs!



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