Thursday, March 12, 2015

Adult Skate Day!!!

Today was a wow day... not due to my skating, but due to the fact that there were 5 adult skaters on the ice.. 6 if you count Stephanie who is a coach and manages our rink.  Nevertheless we were all out there like a mixed bag 'o nuts .. working on whatever.  It was great.

I know there are lots of rinks and clubs out there with a large adult contingency .. we are not one of them.. but things are looking up!

I am still far from feeling like I am "back", but at least I popped off a few jumps today.  Spinning really made DIZZY!


  1. I'm glad you had some adult skater company. I've been missing that lately, have several friends off the ice due to various injuries unfortunately, but today was an exception. Today got to see one of my adult skater friends who I haven't gotten to skate with in weeks, it was nice! Good luck getting your stamina back.

  2. So glad you're getting to skate more regularly again. We have a nice adult skater population where I live so I usually have 3-5 adults to skate with.


  3. I just wanted to say thank you for skating. I'm 16, a guy, and started in march of 2014. I've had a ton of moments when I felt like quitting. I've never followed this blog religiously, but I do check it every once in a while. I see you do jumps better than I do, and it makes me feel like they're not impossible, and that I shouldn't give up. So again, thank you for skating.

  4. I am the lone adult skating with the kids at our rink. There is one other adult who comes every now and then. This is probably why I love going to Adult Week in Lake Placid. There are adult from lol over the country and even internationally and they all try to help each other.
    It's very different skating with adults than with kids.

    I joined a total beginner level synchro group at another rink and there are several adults there, but I only do synchro with them. All my other skating is with kids.

    By the way, I too struggle with toe loops. There's something weird about this jump... no matter what I try it just feels weird. I can't explain what the issue is.

  5. Great to see so many happy adult skaters-love the "zippy" lineup for a photo-freeze. I thought you might try a kick-line!

  6. Nice to see so many happy adult skaters! I liked the zippy line-up for the photo-freeze. I thought you might do a kick-line!


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