Monday, August 17, 2015

Evening FS Session

Trying to get ice time in the summer is difficult.  This rink has a new club and most of the kids are LTS or just higher so they are all over the place and don't really follow freestyle session etiquette -

Glad it was only me.  Hank and I skate Thursday night there... we'll see.

I just worked on this and that.  Feeling less than confident on my toe jumps especially my Lutz (or Flutz I should say) -

Good things happening:  My sit spin is getting stronger and I am getting lower and faster.  My camel spin comes and goes but I am getting stronger and finding my center more often than not these days.
I really want a flying camel for my program and a back sit spin.

Lastly I imagined my dramatic music in my head and tried to improvise a little.  Still not 100% sure of the music.  It's very quiet and slow and 1:30 isn't a lot of time for that type of music.  The main thing is the dramatic skate has no jump requirements or spin requirements.  So everything you put in it needs to be skated well or left out.  It's more about the connection to the music.  I will play around with it more next time I skate then show my coach (choreographer) and see what she says.

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