Monday, August 31, 2015

Sun Valley Adult Week

 This was the most amazing week I loved Sun Valley and their adult skating camp. I took so many videos… So little time. I will start posting with this video and I will continue to add to this particular post as I slowly  edit  all of my skating experience there.

Keep checking back for more highlights.

Video number one was taken after coffee club with Erin Reed (A fun morning skating adventure different things every day) this day we did a pinwheel.

Video 2 was me getting on the ice five minutes before the Zamboni came out and I had the ice almost to my self wouldn't you know they would have to play this song?

Video 3 was from the daily open dance sessions.  They played all (30?) dances and there were couples, solo dancers, pros giving lessons and people like me, just trying to pick up a few steps.  There is nothing quite like it when the sun is out and it's 85 degrees outside with the backdrop of the beautiful Sun Valley Lodge.  I am really motivated to learn to ice dance.

Video 4 is from the 2 pairs clinics on Wed and Fri with Jonathan Hunt and Natalia Zaitseva with help from Ale Izquierdo Hunt and Ilia Zaytsev.  I expected this clinic to include stroking and tracking and maybe a throw Waltz.  I am sure I can speak for everyone who took these clinics that they were FUN.

Video 5 is my private dance lesson with Ty Cockrum.  What a great guy.  I watched him dance with ladies young and old all week and just had to take a lesson.  He made anyone he danced with look good and feel great.  I signed up for dance classes as soon as I got home!  Next year I will be ready to dance (and perhaps test?)

Video 6 is the Partnering and Tracking Clinic with Brent Bommentre and Kim Navarro.  This class was fabulous and fun.  We had a great class size and worked on edges, stroking, swing rolls in unison.  Great exercise for pairs, dance, synchro, duets and just control in general.  I can't say enough about how fun this and all the clinics were and how enthusiastic and patient all the pros were!

Video 7 is a compilation of 2 jump clinics by Jonathan Hunt.  Day 1 went from the Bunny Hop - Loop Jump.  Day 2 went from the Flip - Axel.  (Don't get too excited only 2 in the group could do one! ) The rest of us worked on Axel prep.

Video 8 is morning Patch / Figures with Michele Monnier.  She gave a great class for all.  If you never skated a patch before she began with the basics: Outside edges on an axis.  They laid out a standard size figure 8 on 3/4 of the ice and we all took our patches, some doubled up.  It felt great after so many years to be on QUIET ICE ... The only thing missing was dressing like an eskimo and the fog coming from our breath... because it's SUN VALLEY IN THE SUMMER!

Video 9 is the Spin Clinic with Craig Heath.  I wish I had taken a private lesson with him to work on my flying camel and back spins.  We talked about it on day one, but I decided to first attend the clinic and see if I still wanted one.  By the time the clinic came I was exhausted and injured, so I lost my opportunity for that.  The clinic was great for anyone.  He began with the concept of the two foot spin and gave some great tips.  I for one HATE the two foot spin and I learned how to distribute the weight on each blade.  We went on to Scratch and Sit and started on Back spins from a pivot before the "bell" rang to end the session.  Thanks Craig.

Video 10 is Choreography Clinic with Stephanee Grosscup.  This lady is amazing.  Skating with her is like a wonderful zen experience.  She has incredible grace and flow in all her movements and the ability to choreograph a simple, but elegant group number in record time (30 minutes of instruction over 2 session).  If you ever lose the joy of skating for any reason... 15 minutes with Stephanee will make you fall in love with skating all over again.

Video 11 is Edge Clinic with Lisa Marie Allen.  Another great clinic for skaters of all abilities.  Learning good strong edges is so fundamental I don't know why clubs don't put more emphasis on reinforcing these principles.

Last but not least.  This was icing on the cake. Every day we had lunch on the terrace at Sun Valley Resort and got to watch the pros practicing for the Saturday evening show.  What a treat.  The show on Saturday night headlined with Jason Brown, but we didn't see him practice.

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