Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals - Championship Silver Ladies

Well, I did it.  It's over. I feel  so many different emotions.  I'm really proud of myself for not withdrawing as I threatened to do. I was very nervous and the warm-up made me feel like a third grader on the six grade recess.

I did miss three weeks of skating during my fabulous vacation to Australia and New Zealand and recovered from the flu and came down with a subsequent cold ....  But that's where my excuses end.

 Going to these adult events is so inspiring. Half of the skaters who are my idols skate in the gold or silver level and are not only over 50 but many of them are over 60.  They are "training" on and off the ice 15 hours per week and they all have stories of surgeries and set backs.... I am not alone and we are all skating because we love the sport.

 Once again I think my coaches were right. I think that the more you do it (compete) the easier it gets Although I was extremely nervous I felt a very strange calm just before I got on the ice and this time I smiled all the way through my program... probably because I felt like everybody that I was improvising the program .... Which isn't true at all - nobody but me knew everything was rearranged.

 I was disappointed that my spins were not good ... But now I have something to work on.

 Final standing 10th Pl. out of 13 and I have to say I am honestly happy with that.  This was my first competition at the silver level and some of these ladies were in their 20s.

Here is the link to the entire group of the Championship Ladies Silver event.  I skated 3rd -

The girl who skated just before me was amazing.  She qualified - Great speed, good jumps.

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