Friday, March 11, 2016

Pairs Lesson - Cleaning Up The Program

Had a lesson today to work on our Silver Pairs program for Nationals in  LESS THAN A MONTH .... I am shouting at myself as a reminder!  Physically, things could be going better for me at this point.  The cold I got before Sectionals is waning, but I still don't feel 100%.  R ankle problem.  Pain under the boot and up the leg while jumping.  Undiagnosed, but I think it's Peroneal Tendinosis from jumping when my boots weren't laced up snug.  If it gets worse I will see someone.  Going to take the weekend off the ice.

L foot now has a big bump known as an Accessory Navicular ... looks like 2 ankle bones!

Minor setback.... Our lesson was good but we didn't make any major breakthroughs on our Axel lift.  Scary to think we are set to perform this program in a month.

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