Friday, June 10, 2016

Pairs and Choreography Lessons

Lesson day for pairs and choreography for singles.

Hank and I haven't been skating much lately.  One or the other has been out of town or sick .. guess who?  Bleh!  I'll give it 3 more days, then I think an anti-biotic may be in order.

Computer problems prevented me from posting video #2 yesterday so I am posting it a day late.
Maybe it's because my iMac is from 2009 or because I have too many videos and photos and need to use 2 external drives to keep my storage in the safe range... I don't know.  All I know is that uploading, editing and posting video was a lot easier when I started this blog/vlog project a few years ago and that eBlogger and iMovie have joined forces to drive me crazy.

.. end rant.

So choreography.  Not my forte.  I wish I could stand in a mirror "a-five-six-seven-eight" and watch a choreographer show me steps and upper body movements once and catch on .. and move on and add more like they do at theatrical auditions.  I am like the remedial class held back for not getting it.

I'm also fighting my sense of vision most of the time I am with the choreographer.  I have this vision of what my program should look like before I begin.  After all - it's always me who chooses my music and dress.  Somewhere along the way - the program always strays because the choreographer has ideas about program design, putting certain things in front of the judges, etc.  I know if I tried to choreograph a program myself it would not be successful.  I trust her.  My coach trusts her.  I know I am in good hands, but sometimes she wants me to do things I don't know how to execute or would really slow down the completion of the finished program in order to learn.

.. end rant #2.

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