Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Good Start to the New Year

With no competition looming this year (so far) I am free to just regain some lost skills and conditioning.

 Due to a snowstorm there was nobody on the ice with me and I just put on whatever music I wanted to for the entire time!  La La Land is one of my favorite new soundtracks.  From the moment I saw the movie I wanted to skate to it, but one of our more senior young skaters in our club had already chosen it for her skating season and it's kind of frowned upon to have the same music within in the club for two different skaters.  Even if I'm an adult and she is standard track ... it's kind of hard on the ears to have too much La La Land!

Now that the season is over - and I don't plan on competing any time soon, I am toying with the idea of using it for pairs.  First I would have to talk my pairs partner into it!

It made a fun background for my practice today.

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