Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 - Resolutions and Goals.

Life is good.  This past year has been full of adventure for me.  Hubby retired in November of 2016 so most of 2017 was spent enjoying our new full time life together!  Prior to his retirement he was away from home 1/2 the month flying for Fedex.

Along with lots of traveling and fun in 2017 - came a lot more meals, eating out and a lot less skating. Sadly I gained back every pound I lost when I first started to skate pairs with Hank.  We did not compete whatsoever in 2017 - only a Holiday pairs program in December which we prepared without our regular coach in a little over 2 weeks time.

My new life (post husband retirement) is going to limit my ability to skate at Adult Nationals once again in 2018.  We planned a big cruise at the end of March which takes up all of April as well.  While we were on vacation in Mexico during Christmas I did a lot of thinking about how to get back on the ice and feel some sense of accomplishment and goal setting for the coming year.

Obviously - weight loss is at the top of my goals.  At 145 lbs I make a terrible pairs partner.  My landing knee which is already 98% without cartilage really feels it when I try to jump with that extra weight.  The throw jumps put more pressure on the landing knee than my singles jumps.  Lifts are next to impossible.  Not just for poor Hank, but my upper body strength can’t handle supporting my own weight in the Axel lift - You get the picture.

Going for the gold this year.  Not atop a podium, but I hope to pass the Adult Gold Moves in the Field test.  I think if I put everything into it, I may be able to attempt a test session on March 2, 2018.

Other goals I have in mind for 2018 are to do the next set of Bronze Ice Dances (The Hickory Hoedown, The Willow Waltz and the Ten Fox.  Yet without an ice dance coach this will be difficult.

In pairs - I would like to make some sort of progress with our skating.  Perhaps we can compete at the ISU competition in Vancouver if they have it again this September.  I will be here for Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals in March, but I don’t see the reason to go through that if I am not going to Nationals.

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